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Born and raised on an idyllic dairy farm in rural New Hampshire, Erin there learned the true meaning of hard work, ethics and the importance of community.

After college, she enjoyed the hustle & bustle of cities like Philadelphia and New York City. Erin, through her travels, has cultivated a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and the arts.

She chose to move to Fort Wayne, Indiana eleven years ago to raise her children. Here in Allen County, Valentine, 10, and Arya, 8, have the best of Erin’s own upbringing: the conveniences and luxuries of city living & a quick drive to the quiet countrysides to enjoy fresh air and nature.

Her daughters are young, but now that they’re not quite so young, Erin can dedicate the time and energy needed to help every child in Allen County experience an enriching, healthy childhood by serving the county as Councilwoman At Large.

As a disabled woman, Erin knows all too well the struggles so many of our neighbors experience daily trying to navigate a hostile healthcare system while fighting social & physical barriers.

As a single parent, she also knows how difficult it is to balance a budget when every penny counts.

As an activist, she has and will continue to fight for the rights of all people to live and speak safely.

As County Councilwoman, Erin will combine the above qualities to ensure that all citizens of Allen County are represented, not just those living in Fort Wayne.

Everyone deserves the highest quality of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

No matter where in the county you live.

No matter your political leanings or affiliations.

Erin will fight for you.

Every day.